Located at TSC building 3rd floor NL23 constitution road, Kaduna (next to FCMB, before micro manna)

OFFICES is a feature by THESCATHCOMPANIES that provides a conducive state of the art co-working space, seminar space, board room, private office, library & creative space for bookings by individuals, startups, businesses and companies on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & annual subscription .

🔹40 to 100 SEATER CO-WORKING SPACE •Daily subscription - N2,000 [Features] -access to one workstation desk -access to library area -access to creative space -access to tea room -access to free coffee -access to steady power & internet service -access to 5 free photocopy or printouts. -access to incubator & accelerator programs -50% off either board room or private office booking for the first 1hr (Discount applies for co-working station desk booking of six & above by same individual or organization) •Weekly subscription 15% off - N11,900 (7days usage fee) •Monthly subscription 30% off - N42,900 (30days usage fee) •Annual subscription negotiable “send mail to [email protected]” 🔹24 to 40 SEATER SEMINAR •hourly - N10,000 •full office hours (7hrs) - N50,000 🔹8 to 12 SEATER BOARD ROOM •hourly - N7,500 •full office hours (7hrs) - N35,000 🔹PRIVATE OFFICE •hourly - N3,000 •full office hours (7hrs) - N15,000 •monthly- N120,000 🔹ENCLOSED PRIVATE OFFICE (Not available for bookings on Wednesdays & Thursdays) •hourly - N10,000 •full office hours (7hrs) - N50,000